Field Operations won the international design competition for the Busan Citizens Park master plan, a former U.S. Army Base in the oceanside city of Busan, Korea. The master plan of the 126-acre world class urban park takes into consideration the site’s unique context and history.

The presence of the 50-year-old U.S. Army Base hollowed out the urban fabric, leaving a disconnected void in the middle of the city. The mandate was to create a major public destination for the entire region, a park that draws a wide range of visitors and is easily accessible. By proposing bold earthwork and a ribbon-like forest system, the design creates a dramatic spatial experience while providing a wayfinding system and seemingly endless connectivity. The curvilinear forest and path system interlock with the city’s existing and future circulation network. Over time, these connections will strengthen and the park will be reborn as magnificent piece of the larger urban fabric.