Field Operations was commissioned to design the open space system and public squares for Columbia University’s new Manhattanville campus. Working with Renzo Piano Building Workshop, the 6-acre master plan identifies the unique site context of the elevated viaduct and subway line, transportation pattern, proximity to the river and the characters of the existing neighborhoods. Campus open spaces are open to the public, offering seating and free Wi-Fi, as well as space for public gatherings and performances. All streets of the existing street grid remain open and more publicly inviting with widened sidewalks, trees, street lighting and street furnishings.

The Manhattanville Campus Phase 1 was awarded the 2019 Urban Land Institute New York (ULI NY) Award for Excellence in Institutional Development, a statewide competition recognizing projects that demonstrate commitment to planning, design, sustainability, and community impact. Field Operations continues to develop the specific public realm designs as buildings are constructed to form the new campus, maintaining the intentions and cohesive character established in the open space master plan.

Photography by Timothy Schenck and Field Operations.