The design of the 60 Water Street Rooftop Terrace capitalizes on the spectacular panoramic views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, East River and Manhattan Skyline. Field Operations created a “meadow in the sky,” carving out a series of distinct “rooms” and environments oriented towards each of the unique vistas. The garden serves the residents of the building, providing a communal space for outdoor living, lounging, dining, relaxing, and entertaining. 

A mirrored cube transforms an existing egress stair into a focal point, creating a continuous horizon that reflects the expansive views and provides a shaded area for sitting, dining and entertaining. The design also features a series of custom alcove benches that face downtown Brooklyn to the south, a long linear water feature that captures impressive views of the East River to the north where visitors can cool their feet on a hot day, and a large wood deck and trellis that frame intimate views of the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan to the west. A central dining area is surrounded by a tall meadow composed of various grasses and perennials such as Korean feather reed grass, moor grass, coneflowers, yarrows, and calamint.

Photography by Matthew Williams courtesy of Two Trees Management.