Field Operations, together with Handel Architects, developed the master plan to transform Greenpoint Landing’s 22 acres and a half of a mile of post-industrial waterfront into a new waterfront park and mixed-use development project along the northern end of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Once complete, Greenpoint Landing will include 5,500 residential units, a new public school and approximately 4 acres of public open space. 

The open space within Greenpoint Landing’s unique site forms a literal green arc along the river’s edge, with panoramic views of Midtown Manhattan, and connects back to the city grid with a series of park destinations located at the ends of each city street. Phase 1, which opened in summer 2018, provides public access to the waterfront in this area for the first time in decades. It features 1.5 acres of open space, including riparian garden terraces, a waterfront esplanade, a lawn, and a picnic area.

Greenpoint Landing is one of the first waterfront projects to deal with post Hurricane Sandy regulations for developments in flood hazard zones. In response, the open space employs a series of green terraces and pathways that are designed to flood, absorb and accommodate changing water levels, while also creating an accessible and dynamic public realm. A continuous lower-level waterfront promenade is punctuated by park features, including the renovated Green Street Pier, a flexible lawn, a dog run, an outdoor lounge, places for art, and a picnic area.