Qianhai’s Guiwan Park is the first of five “water fingers” built as part of the master plan Field Operations designed for Qianhai Water City in 2010. Guiwan Park provides not only a world-class urban park that supports the new city center, but also large-scale green infrastructure for stormwater management and flood and tidal protection.

Guiwan Park flanks the central drainage channel with three levels of terraces to mitigate the significant elevation change from the city level to the Qianhai Bay water level, which fluctuates due to tidal movement. With suitable planting species, these terraces are designed to provide vibrant public open spaces, while also supporting a variety of habitat recovery. 

A network of fluid and dynamic pathways connects the surrounding neighborhoods with the park in order to support a variety of programs, including habitat, event, and display inside the park from its east end to its west waterfront. Gently shaped earthworks emphasize the longitudinal movements along the central channel along with the pathways to orient visitors as they move towards the bay.