At Comcast NBCUniversal's historic working studio lot, a revitalization of the landscape sparks the transformation of where and how work happens across a newly connected creative campus. A collaboration between Field Operations and LEVER, the Campus Project unifies master planning and redevelopment efforts and draws inspiration from the beauty of the Southern California landscape to revive a unique sense of culture and place at NBCUniversal.

The outdoor spaces are designed with all campus constituents in mind, offering places to collaborate, relax, dine, and socialize. Amenities include an intimately scaled commons, a lush and shaded, outdoor roof terraces, and a series of garden lounges, small pavilions, and plazas for outdoor dining and collaboration. In addition to providing these campus amenities, the landscape also accommodates the needs of an industrial studio lot with flexibility for large and small events and production.

Providing digitally connected garden workspaces, outdoor dining areas, and a variety of flexible gathering areas, the paseo and plaza blend indoor and outdoor spaces. The campus redesign seeks to foster creativity and innovation by encouraging people to leave their workspaces, inviting chance interactions and bringing creativity into inspiring and agile outdoor spaces.