Situated on 7.4 acres between City Hall, the Interstate-10 freeway, and Santa Monica’s iconic palm tree lined Ocean Avenue and beachfront, Tongva Park and Ken Genser Square transformed a derelict, asphalt lot into a lush landscape of rolling hills, swales, Mediterranean meadow gardens, water features, viewing pavilions, public restrooms, and active urban spaces for the City of Santa Monica. Swooping pathways and walks openly connect the western neighborhoods to the beach, ocean, and landmark pier. The park is now a much-beloved green space for the community and visitors alike, offering shade, greenery, strolling pathways, amenity, and space for programming and events. 

Tongva Park is evidence that a project’s success is highly dependent on the active engagement of the people who will ultimately use it, while also broadening and diversifying that audience. This central park has transformed this corner of Santa Monica, and has prompted significant new investment in new housing and hotel upgrades in surrounding blocks. 7.4 acres of asphalt have been transformed into significant new green space, adding 30% shade from new trees, 70% permeable surface for stormwater retention, over 400 species of plants, and a variety of park amenities for a diverse community to enjoy. Since its opening in 2013, it has received over 20 design awards, most notably the ASLA Honor Award for Design and Finalist for the ULI Global Award of Excellence for Urban Open Space.